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Diana Palm is a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor and psychic medium who is Internationally known for her unique ability to access the spirit world and help people heal.  Diana uses her intuitive gifts along with the ThetaHealing® technique to expedite life changes for her clients.  She is passionate about helping individuals create the life of their dreams through spiritual healing, removing limits and eliminating blocks in their subconscious. 

Diana's specialty is working with individuals that have lost loved ones.  Her Grief Healing program is designed to clear  the energy of grief through spiritual healing.  Diana will communicate with your loved one so that you can express and resolve unfinished business.   Diana will ensure that your loved one has made it to heaven.  Often times, survivors take on the attributes of their departed loved one to stay connected to them, especially when their loved one has not crossed over.  This can contribute to a variety of addictions, mental health issues, agoraphobia, depression and physical illness attached to grief.  This can all be healed spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  The Creating Space for Love program focuses on healing the heart and relationship issues so that you can really love yourself and attract the love you desire.  This is available as a seprate offering or a part of the Grief Healing program.  Diana will help you heal unresolved emotions and beliefs as well as rebuild your emotional system so that you can move forward with passion and purpose.


Healing your own grief helps you connect better with your loved one in spirit.

Diana shares her in depth knowledge of the spirit world through her books & workshops and teaches certification courses for ThetaHealing® and Mediumship. 


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Private Sessions are unique.  Diana works intuitively with each individual and is guided to help them discover and release their emotional and spiritual blocks that have limited their life experience. She blends her abilities as a medical intuitive, medium, and spiritual healer with compassion and love.  Through Diana's specialized approach, you will receive...


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Diana works with clients around the world and is available for 1:1 focused Private Sessions by phone.

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"I am so grateful to have met Diana!  Her mediumship skills are a cut above the rest.  I am not a stranger to the spirit world and had yet, until Diana, to meet an individual with the ability to help spirits cross over in such a quick and effective manner.  Her strong intuitive abilities allow her to quickly address the need in the situation--whether it be someone's loved one communicating a message, or a spirit in need of going to the Light. 

I recommend her mediumship ability and recommend her."

Skylee Jarvinen, Wisconsin


"She is often referred by other mediums when they run out of horsepower to deal with and address - stuck spirits...Without her help/support/services my family would be living a much harder life struggling on the battlefields of the Invisible War without having the benefits of the General (Diana) on our side to help guide Creators Troops.  She is forever in our prayers for the great gifts she has helped to provide for myself and our entire family."

Paul Zarlengo

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 Certified ThetaHealing® Seminar Instructor

Universal Spiritual Ministries Association

Diana Palm and the ThetaHealing® technique are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental.  As a client, you agree to take full responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well being.  Diana Palm and Diana Palm Intuitive will not be held liable.