Why Book a Session?

Diana is a medium with spiritual gifts for healing.  She can intuitively see what is keeping you stuck and preventing from experiencing true love, radiant health and happiness in your life.  Diana will help you heal and move forward by eliminating spiritual, emotional and mental blocks.  Her compassionate approach to healing  will allow you to feel safe and cared for.   


Private Session

$297 / 1 Hour

What if I live out of state?

No worries, Diana works with people all over the world via phone session.  Energy is everywhere.  Sessions are equally effective...on the phone or in person. 

Spiritual Gifts for Healing

One of Diana's spiritual gifts is helping deceased loved ones cross over and find peace.  She has gifts for discernment and abilities for helping lost souls heal. 

Do I need to be religious?

Absolutely not!  Diana works with people of all faiths and non-faiths.  Diana respects your beliefs system and will still be able to help you even if you are unsure what you believe.